“Yes, I’ll be there!”

Last year, I was leaving a business event and my flight landed around 11 PM. I accepted this engagement months prior and made a commitment to be there.

There was no way to fly in, I didn’t have enough time to leave the airport and get to Alpharetta to pick up my vehicle so, I rented a car and started on my way. I was on the road headed to Thomasville, Georgia a city I had never visited before.

Little did I know how much this speaking engagement would change my life. The women were phenomenal and I was invited back again this year to speak in Valdosta, Georgia.

Women make up 39% of all privately owned businesses but, sadly only make up 4.2% of the revenue. It’s time to change the narrative!

There are just 20 tickets left!!!! We are going to be packed into Birdie’s Events and Catering and we can’t wait. Ready to grow your business to the next level this year? You won’t want to miss this incredible time, up close and personal with our speakers!