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The power of the 'behind the scenes' video

There are 5 types of videos that every company needs to help attract the right clients, generate more referrals and be positioned as a thought leader, expert and authority.

Used together, these 5 videos help your company stand out, get noticed and get results. Knowing how to produce content that targets people interested in your services is a skill.

We shoot Behind the Scenes (BTS) for our clients’ because the video encompasses everything about the production that our clients’ don’t see because they’re busy in front of the camera.

BTS videos are also effective marketing tools. The videos drive traffic to our clients’ websites, engage potential clients and greatly increases word of mouth advertising while we are editing the videos that were shot from the day.

BTS videos serve as a way to showcase their company in an interesting and interactive way, which will help attract new clients and take our clients’ brands and businesses to the next level.

Video Strategy

We create a video content marketing strategy with our full service video production and marketing services that showcase your company.

Video SEO

We optimize your new videos for maximum exposure on your company's YouTube channel including titles, description and tags.

Video Marketing

Our team will leverage your existing social media profiles and run ads for your videos on YouTube and Facebook. We will also build Facebook retargeting campaigns.

Video Distribution

We export the mp3 files from the videos, transcribe all of the video content and consistently share it online.

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