Relying On Word Of Mouth Is A Long, Hard Way To Grow A Business

“That’s it? We’re done?”

When our clients are prepared, send us their scripts a few days before, follow our processes and show up ready to record, my team and I can work in our zone of genius!

We finished up 5 videos the first hour and all 10, including a client testimonial and shoot with all 3 attorneys in 3 hours. Tuesday my team will shoot b-roll and next Saturday, more videos and additional testimonials.

Will videos guarantee you new clients? No! Neither will PPC ads, websites, landing pages, social media, speaking at events, billboards, associations, awards, postcard mailers, TV and radio ads, SEO or swag.

There aren’t any guarantees when it comes to marketing.

To be successful, you must incorporate both online and offline strategies into your marketing.

Relying on word of mouth is a long, hard way to grow a business.