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Did You Really Go To Law School To Pay For Leads?

Every time I login to Facebook, I see some marketing ‘guru’ or agency ads targeting attorneys with pay per lead offers.

It’s ridiculous!

Didn’t you go to law school to make a difference? Of course you did. Why would you rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt and then start your practice only to struggle to get new business?

The reality is that how people search for and choose attorneys has changed. People are looking for your services online and if you have content online that positions you as an expert, authority and thought leader, they are more likely to choose your Firm.

Word of mouth is a long, hard way to build a business.

My team and I finished a shoot in Washington D.C. this weekend and we are currently accepting new Firms across the country.

Our newest client counsels small business owners, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. They integrate into the team by serving as outside general counsel to achieve their business goals.

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